20 years of experiences in Consultation service.

About Steve

Steve Yu is an LA-based CFO who also teaches public speaking and leadership.

Steve is a presenter, trainer and mentor at universities, medical centers and hospitals, nonprofits and corporations, including Fortune 500 companies.

Steve's success in public speaking started from a modest desire to conquer his fear of public speaking. By taking on every speaking opportunity he came across, Steve learned more about himself and grew more comfortable - ultimately becoming "a public speaking guru." Steve now leverages his unique experience to instill confidence in others so they too can discover their true potential.

"Anyone whom I mentor — I tell them that one of my requirements is that they pay it forward. If I invest time with them, I expect them to do the same with others."

In his spare time, Steve also enjoys running marathons and is preparing for an upcoming Spartan race. An avid runner, Steve is looking forward to training for his first triathlon. To contact Steve, please email steveyuspeaks@gmail.com.

Steve (far right) with his family.

Humble Beginnings

Son of immigrant parents, Steve’s work ethic was instilled at a young age working alongside his parents and five siblings creating a livelihood from farming in central California.


A Better You

Steve's leadership services are all about improving one's personal and professional goals. Get past roadblocks with the right resources.


Paying it Forward

Professionally trained in finance, Steve leverages his knowledge to help people seeking financial stability.